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Dreamy Guadalest Mountains Adventure Elopement at Sunset

Getting to document Natalia and Jose´s Guadalest Mountains adventure elopement after meeting them a year before in a family session was a dream come true. We feel so lucky to get to work with couples who allow themselves to be vulnerable in front of me so we can capture their real stories, and these two were nothing but vulnerable, open, and full of love for each other and the beauty around them.

Natalia + Jose´s dreamy guadalest mountains adventure elopement 

The sunniest winter day in Marina Alta, with the sweetest couple

It's always funny how the universe seems to connect you with the right people, at the right time, in the right place. We met Natalia at a breastfeeding session, after a few months we met them both at their Christmas photoshoot and again at their baby's first year session. They got married pretty fast, but didn't get the chance to prepare something special for them both so they ended up telling us that they loved the idea of eloping and having some incredible day together. We are so truly grateful for this friendship with them and how we connected!

We got so lucky with the weather, we had a beautiful sunny day in January in Alicante for Natalia and Jose´s Guadalest Mountain adventure elopement. This is why we are so lucky in Spain, weather is amazing at all seasons of the year, even in the middle of January.

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We highly advise you to get ready together, this time, because of the hours they booked, they did it on their own and we met later on, at the first location. 

But this moment together is magical, you get to bond, help each other and reflect on why you are celebrating such an important day. 

You can check Nuria and Jordi getting ready together and Carla and Angel.

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You know we love some stylish elopement outfits, especially when it comes to elopements or sessions in the mountains. N + J brought all the vintage magic. N wore such a 20´s dress that truly made her look like a queen. That upside part of the dress was incredible plus it was comfy since it was long up to her ankles and she didn't get stuck in the plants. 

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We stopped on the way to Guadalest for some portrait pictures! We explored the picnic area taking advantage of the forestry look of that location full of tall trees. This entire portrait session was a dream, they really had a beautiful feeling and were able to create some really beautiful, cinematic, storytelling images for them to look back on forever. I won't write more and let the pictures speak for themselves!


I loved that Natalia and Jose wanted to explore all the area surrounding Guadalest´s valley, getting all the amazing views they could. It was the best sunset you could ask for at Guadalest. They exchanged their vows surrounded by the mountains with the golden hour around them. It was unbelievably special getting to witness this moment between them and capture ir so they could truly deepen into their emotions, and be able to remember them when they look back in the photos and video in the future.


We got every type of lighting a photographer could ask for, ending with a seriously magical blue hour once the sun set behind the mountains. It made such a romantical setting for N + J to light up some chandeliers and enjoy the area. The colors of the sky were spectacular, with shades of orange and pink and purple. The most perfect end and already perfect adventure!

Alicante adventure elopement photographer and videographer

Hi everyone! If you don't know us already, we are Alba and Juanfran, Alicante based elopement and intimate wedding photographer and videographer with a heart for storytelling, the outdoor, and creating magic with couples in love. When you are ready to find the perfect adventure elopement photographer and videographer to tell your story, reach out to us here  -we can´t wait for the adventure we´re going to have together. 

Guadalest wedding + elopement resources

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