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So, you´re planning you Spain elopement, and the first thing you´re truing to do is picking your location and date! Well, what can I say, I understand that it can be overwhelming trying to chose the perfect Spain east coast elopement location, and then to pick the best time of the year to elope at that location. Especially if you are coming from abroad! Which is why I´ve put together this guide to how to choose the best time or season to elope in the East Coast of Spain.

And if you´re not from here and have heard anything about Spain, you might think that it´s always sunny and hot, 24/7. Sure, most of the time we have the best weather we could ask for, but: 1) I promise, it's not always sunny and 2) having a softer weather is SUPER beautiful and peaceful.

In this blog post, I'll be going through what the seasons look like in the East Coast of Spain and the weather through the year, what time of the day or week to elope (sunrise vs sunset and weekdays vs weekends), and the best time of year to elope for specific landscapes. I´ll be wrapping it up with where to elope each season, and how to deal with bad weather, plus more helpful East Coast elopement guides and tips! Enjoy!

Seasons + weather in the East Coast of Spain

Let´s start off with a general overview of what each season looks like in an average year in Alicante, at the East Coast of Spain

This is my absolute favorite season on the East Coast. The wildflowers bloom in the mountains, the days become longer again, it's a dream! Spring is so peaceful and creates a moody, beautiful atmosphere to celebrate in. 

A super important thing to consider in spring is that the weather is warm, we will have 20º-25ºC and this will allow you to soak the warmth without feeling hot. The sun is beautiful and the locations are pretty empty, allowing you to have the best experience. 

You should elope in the East Coast of Spain in the spring if you:

  • Want to witness the flower period of almond trees 

  • Want to elope or take portraits having the locations just for you to enjoy!

  • Want the best weather ever in Spain

  • Want the sun setting next to the sea


I´m pretty sure you are dreaming about eloping on a beautiful sunny summer day in Spain, but let me tell you, this might not be the wisest decision. Here´s why!

Places like the coast and the mountains get very humid and hot during the day, even nights can be so hot that you might not get a good sleep. Days are very long and it surely gives you plenty of time to celebrate your elopement for a full day, but you might be sweating all day, feeling pretty uncomfortable on your dress, and it can be a huge problem for your hair and make-up. The east coast is super touristic and even during weekdays the location will be full, and you will need an specific access to some of them. 

This is why I wouldn't recommend you summer for you elopement or intimate wedding, but of course, it´s your choice :)

You should elope in the East Coast of Spain in the summer if you:

  • Love early sunrises and late sunsets (super long days)

  • Enjoy the heat

  • Want to do water activities on your elopement day such as swimming, kayaking, etc…

  • Are ok with humid heat

  • Are ok with other crowds and visitors at your elopement location

Here are some real-life examples of couples we have photographed in the summer in Alicante! 

FALL IN THE EAST COAST - ALICANTE (september - november)

Fall in Alicante has the best “summery” weather, it´s warm but not as hot as it was during summer. Unlike you might think, this autumn look with all the trees loosing their leaves won´t come until november. So, if you are still looking for this summer feeling but without feeling those heat waves, fall is a hit! 

If you want the best chance at a sunny day and still have long days available, this is it!

The temperatures drop a little once fall hits, and sadly around the end of october days get shorter. If you stick to early-mid fall, sunset still last long. If you want longer days choose a location near the beach instead of the mountains so that you can get as much out of the sunshine as you can.

One thing to be aware of in the fall, especially in September, is the rain. To be honest, it's very unlikely to rain but September is known for the big storms. If you are choosing September as your elopement month, I advise you to come for 3-5 days, so we can have different days available for your elopement day, just in case it rains.

You should elope in the East Coast of Spain in the fall if you:

  • Love warm days that still feel like summer

  • Are okay with the possibility of rain during your elopement days

FALL IN THE EAST COAST - ALICANTE (september - november)

Some stunning fall Alicante elopement inspiration:


No matter if we are in the coldest months of the year, we will have 18ºC by midday. It is not a rainy season, but days are quite short. If you want to celebrate your elopement outdoors for a full day, you might want to consider breaking the celebration into two days, or using the sunrise as the main moment of the day  since the sun rises late and sets pretty early. But there are so many wonderful ideas for eloping on winter days since you can get cozy by the fire or prepare a nice hot bath to end your elopement day. Nothing better when it´s cold outside!

If you really want to elope in the winter, you want to pick up a location along the coast, where the sun shines and warms. Javea and  Denia´s areas are perfect for winter, whereas the mountains feel a bit colorless. So the coast is always a good bet!

You should elope in the East Coast of Spain in the fall if you:

  • You want to have a private beach for your elopement day!

  • You are okay being colder if it means less crowds and tourists

  • Want to end the day with a relaxing evening in your Airbnb´s hot tub with the beautiful views

What time of day to elope in the East Coast of Spain

Now, let´s talk about what time of day and time of the week is best to elope in order to avoid most crowds, especially if you elope at the beach or other popular spot that tourists visit often.


One of the best ways to avoid a bunch of crowds at your elopement location is to elope at sunrise. Most tourists come later in the day, especially if you are choosing a beach area, sunrise will be the BEST time to elope in peace :) Getting up at dawn can be tough, I know, but it is so worth it! The peaceful atmosphere and experiencing watching the day begin it's truly magical to exchange your vows at the golden hour, get to watch the sun come up and listen to the pure quiet around you. It´s a phenomenal way to elope!

Check out this pregnancy photoshoot and I promise you´ll be convinced to elope at sunrise!

Eloping at sunset is also an absolutely amazing experience. Just imagine walking or hiking to your elopement location as the sun is setting, saying your vows during golden hour and celebrating with your loved ones as the sun drops behind the horizon. You can pop a bottle of champagne during the magical blue hour! I LOVE blue hour and dusk, lots of couples think that their photos have to end after the sun sets but that´s not true! Taking photos at dusk under the moonlights or with lanterns is absolutely magical! Wr can even take photos in front of your car!

Carla and Angel eloped on the mountains at sunset and drove back to the beach for a blue hour ceremony. Take a look at their blablabla Sunset Mountain + Beach Elopemen here!


In general, I will always recommend eloping on a weekday if possible, because that's when there are always less tourists and crowds. Believe it or not we have tourists in Spain all year long! Weekends can get super packed even in winter, because locals also look for activities to make with their families. So, if you are able to plan a weekday elopement, you will have the best chance of eloping in the piece and quiet, away from other visitors.

Where to elope in the East Coast of Spain in each season

I´ve mentioned a few locations already through this blog post but here´s a list of all my favourite East Coast of Spain elopement locations, organized into the best seasons to elope at each one! Some locations can be great options in different seasons as well, don´t worry if you see a location you want for your summer elopement in the winter section. The seasons aren't exclusive!


  • Almond Trees Blooming

  • Calpe

  • Jávea Cala Portixol - Granadella

  • Paseo Ecológico de Benissa

  • Cabo de la Nao


  • Valle de Guadalest


  • Valle de Guadalest

  • Alcoy - Font Rotja


  • Villajoyosa

  • Riopar


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